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Having the clarity of what you want in life is the first leap towards success

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Once you are past the emergency of a disaster, you begin to rebuild your life. The key to that process is to know what you want so you can act with intention. Susan talks about intention and provides exercises to help you focus on what you want moving forward.


Manifesting Your Dream


"A Roadmap to Identify and Achieve Your Goals"

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Step by step, the course lays out the roadmap that takes us from identifying our personal passion and purpose, through the process that ultimately enables us to achieve our goals

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Toni Casala, Owner, Children in Film

“Calm, Serenity, Wisdom, Patience, Empathy. These are the characteristics that I think of, when I think of you. Throughout our relationship, you have always “shared only and freely” with me. You have never been judgmental (of anyone really) or unkind with words. Your ability to take in all the information surrounding a situation, process it in a kind, loving and logical way and then interpret the information back in such a way that I feel that I too can learn and grow from the experience."