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Former Host, Author,

Certified Psychosynthesist,

Coach and Consultant

I began exploring the art of communication and spiritual studies from an early age. I studied Napoleon Hill’s book, “Master Key to Riches.”  His philosophy launched me into a four-decade film and television career. 

Professionally, I was named one of the top 250 women in film and television by Business of Film Magazine and received Emmy Nominations.

However, it all took a dramatic turn when a landslide destroyed our home and swept away what we had built.  We could have been crushed ourselves, however, we drew on the spiritual principles that had supported us all along. 

Losing our home made me think about what was important.  I reconnected to the foundational steps, the underpinnings, and processes that work in all areas of our lives.  It brought me back to my vision of helping others discover the power of possibility in order to reach their full potential, to turn situations around, find solutions and move forward. 

I also find myself working with people who are looking for a way to create something new in their lives or businesses.  I’m pretty grounded.  I enjoy encouraging others to explore the power of possibility, find the vehicles that assist them and then develop the skill sets to create and promote what they do.



It is my goal to raise awareness and provide tools that others can use to live the creative process, to show them how to ask in the right way and to help them know the joy of creating their own legacy. 


I recommend daily contemplation, journaling, and time in quiet spaces to discover the feeling of relationship with the subconscious mind and experience the natural rhythm that comes from living in the present moment


As a guide, coach and mentor, my task is to help others become aware of negative habit patterns and replace them with new positive patterns.  After that, you are well on your way to achieving whatever goals you set.  I teach others on how to ask positive questions or affirmations and utilize progressive beliefs to unlock the power of the subconscious mind.  Then I become a support system to hold them accountable or remind them when they start to slip into the old habit patterns.


I believe everyone can use this creative thought process I’m offering in this course.  If you change the way you think, you can turn disaster into opportunity, become the most successful person you desire to be, all while enjoying everyday life. 


Other Works


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Manifesting Your Dream


"A Roadmap to Identify and Achieve Your Goals"

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