7 Steps to Make the Most of Your New Year’s Resolutions


I started my morning meditations with a list of what turned out to be 25 things I’d like to do this year.  Half of the items were related to what I’d like to build in my business.  The rest fleshed out other areas in life that provide balance.  Twenty five ideas is too large for me to handle as we start the year, so it seemed prudent to divide the list into smaller components.  My business still dominated the list, but it seemed easier to break down the goals into manageable actions over the course of the full year.

That’s what I’d like you to take a few minutes to do today.

  1. Jot down all those great ideas you’ve been telling yourself you’d like to do.  If not this year, when?

  2. Sort them into categories. Some involve your financial well-being, your business if you have or want one, your job and career path.  The others, the ones I suggest provide balance, include your relationships, health, education, recreation, and personal environment.  Please don’t relegate this latter group to the back of your mind.  It’s become clear to me that we do not have to wait to pursue improvement in all the categories in our lives.  It might serve us better if we found a way to build elements of all of them into our current life rather than wait until we achieve our self-proclaimed dreams.

  3. From all these categories, what’s the one that calls to you today? What do you want?  Why?  You may still have to work, but with focus you can achieve your goals.

  4. Why don’t you already have what you just described? Are you willing to do what it takes to get it now?  Then rough out a plan.  What will it look like when you have it?  What has to happen?  Back out of it to where you are now.  Do you need some education?  Do you need materials?  Do you need help?  What could you do tomorrow as the New Year dawns to move toward your goal?  Think of something simple and easy – like researching on the Internet or calling a friend to ask a few questions.

  5. Then, make that small action your New Year’s Resolution – Write it down.  Say it out loud:   I commit to doing this one step by the end of New Year’s Day.

  6. As soon as possible on New Year’s Day, do it. Taking action is powerful.  It breaks the cycle of inertia and sets the New Year off with momentum.  And you won’t have a list of resolutions to break.  You’ll already have a success to celebrate.

  7. Reward yourself and then do it again.  Rinse and repeat.  What small action can you take the next day and the next?

Happy New Year!  I’m off to take a small action of my own to set the New Year in positive motion.   Let me know how you feel when you do it.

I believe in you.

To Your Success,


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