Are You Procrastinating?

In the last week, my inbox has seen a greater concentration of thoughts on procrastination.  I look at it as an indication that it’s time to plan for the New Year.  Although many mentors ask folks to get their New Years Resolutions in place now, rather than wait until the new year has already started, it’s easy to see that people are just not getting around to it.

Why is that?  Why are they procrastinating?

Are we happy with life just as it is?  Or do we know that we’d like to make some changes, but are fearful of what might happen?

Could it be that we sense that we are not aligned with our purpose, so planning would not be optimal?

What do we do to correct such situations?

Perhaps we should hit the pause button for a few minutes or hours and think about the subject.

We teach that everything begins with an idea.  If you want to identify and align with your purpose, you will need to put some thought to it.   You will have to create the thought form that carries your idea into the real world.What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

Robert H. Schuller – 1926-2015, Televangelist

What limitless idea could you develop if you had a Living Dream Garden as presented by Dr. Helen Sherry?  Or participated in Michael Hyatt’s 5-Day plan for a great 2017?

What are you looking for?  A thing?  A quality of life? Better relationships?  Wealth? A meaningful career?  Peace for all? Travel to exotic locations?

You can achieve any of these when you manage your mindset.   I know that you have heard these words before – because coaches and mentors all teach that it makes a huge difference.

I also expect that you may have a litany of excuses that come up whenever you try to start something new:  “I’m too old.”  “My health is bad.”  “I don’t have the money.”  The list goes on and on.  But you can use those excuses to find the words and mindset that will empower you to make changes and open up possibilities.

Peggy McColl and Bob Proctor are currently doing workshops on changing your thought paradigms.  Noah St. John focuses on Afformations (positive why questions) and Power Habits designed to transform your thinking and your actions.

Think you have physical challenges that stop you cold?  Pick up a copy of one of Nick Vujicic’s books or take advantage of any opportunity to see him in person.

Have problem children that consume your mental energies?  Nick Vujicic and John Maxwell have joined forces to create the YouthMax Plus program.  It’s a leadership program designed to empower us to become part of the solution.

Do you need regular reminders to inspire you each day?  Try Insights of the Day.

If procrastination is stopping you from achieving your optimal life, perhaps you should give yourself – and all your loved ones, the gift of a new mindset – one that aligns with your (or their) purpose and dreams – so that you can become unstoppable and live a limitless life.

Already have a favorite source of inspiration?  Please share it with us.

You can do it.  I believe in you.

To Your Success,


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