Change the World One Person at a Time

I came across a quote about giving being a Universal opportunity a few minutes ago in a Bob Proctor email – and it really resonates with my current experience. As a relatively new author who is gradually building a platform where people know who I am and where to find me, there are numerous opportunities to give away words of inspiration and thoughts about positive self-talk that have the power to change lives. Social media provides us with a forum to share our ideas, teach techniques and present info-products that are of value to other people.

However, I do not always know whether my words have an impact on anyone else, so it is always pleasing to hear back when someone appreciates what you have created and shares that feeling with you. The warm and fuzzy feeling I get from a simple thank you makes the effort I put into it worthwhile.

I feel blessed that my book, Rainbows Over Ruins, has had a positive effect on my readers. Some write to tell me the book is fantastic, but others share deeper feelings. One reader wrote me that he keeps my book by the side of his bed for easy reference. He’s taken my message to heart, signed up with S.C.O.R.E. for counseling on how to start his business and is now conducting a crowdfunding campaign to get his dream business up and running.

Yesterday, I responded to a request from a colleague who is going through a challenging health issue. He asked if I would be willing to send instructions on how to create a vision board. He has seen the one I have in my office that fills an entire wall and knows that I am passionate about the dynamic energy an ever changing vision board can have on a project.

As I sat down to write the instructions, they morphed into an entire course, complete with a bonus interview with best-selling international author, Helen Sherry. Helen contributed to “Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time.” Her specialty? Living dream gardens. She and I had shared a lovely conversation on my podcast, “Rebuilding Your Life: Moving from Disaster to Prosperity” and I spent the morning transcribing the talk for easy reference.

My colleague was so appreciative. He knew that a vision board would have value to him during what would be an extended recuperation. They provide a space that helps us ground and focus on a positive future rather than dwelling on our troubled circumstances. What surprised him was the idea that he could build a living dream garden which would contribute to his self-healing just as vision boards do. Helen has learned from personal experience that three dimensional gardens bring extra energies to the vision process. They can be small succulent gardens on your bed stand or larger spaces to walk, sit and view – allowing the energies to surround you.

I feel highly honored to be able to share that concept with others. It feels good to accept their appreciation and see a ray of hope register within them in an often scary situation. And that’s my point, I feel as if I am transforming people’s lives one person at a time. Is there any greater gift than that?

I feel grateful to a Universe that permits me to bring hope to others every day. May these ideas make a positive difference in your life and be of service to you. Feel free to write to explore these thoughts if they are new to you.

Blessings to All,


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