Did You Take Action Today?

I woke up and took action today.  I set up an FTP account for the new website I am building.  It may not seem like a big action to anyone else, however, it was a necessary step to start loading files to the site.  Having a website is the portal to making the course I’ve been writing available online.  Having the course available online means that the message is getting out to others who want it.  Getting the message out is the whole point of writing it in the first place.  What seems like a very small action is actually the domino that triggers everything else to fall into place.

So many of us talk about a dream or a goal that we’d like to accomplish.  Yet we fail to start.  We fail to take the necessary action steps to achieve it.  We judge ourselves by what we’re afraid will or will not happen and never give ourselves the chance to even begin.   We think thoughts that shut down the creative process.  What would it be like if you could stop telling yourself negative stories?

When I first started studying success principles, Bob Proctor introduced me to one of the most basic ideas:  Thoughts lead to feelings, which lead to actions which lead to results.

Bob told me to stop thinking and saying negative things, however, eliminating negative self-talk did not come naturally.  Deep down inside I had a great deal of negative language.  I needed tools that could help me overcome that bad habit.  Sharon Wilson gave me one such tool – a perceptual shift log to help me look at situations with a new eye.  Noah St. John gave me the technique of using Afformations, positive why questions that shifted my thinking away from defeat toward more positive goals.  With continual practice, it became a discipline of positive self-talk to support me.

I also learned that our feelings are the impetus to take action.  When we feel positive, joyful, excited and enthusiastic about one of our ideas, we naturally pursue it.  One of the key motivators is to have a very big Why for what we are going to do.  It gives us a purpose.  As many of you know, Peter and I got through the aftermath of a landslide that destroyed our home.  We had the very big why of getting our menagerie back together under a roof of our own.  We had the very why of using the loss as a springboard to move forward toward larger dreams.  A very big Why inspires and motivates you.  It shows you how you can get from where you are to where you want to be, and gives you the stamina to keep taking actions when they are boring, or you don’t know enough or obstacles pop up in front of you.

Taking action does not generally lead to the desired results in the blink of an eye.  Overnight success stories usually have a back story involving hard work and preparation for that one moment when everything falls into place at one time, when serendipity happens.   There is a side benefit: Action conquers fear.  When you are in action, you are not thinking about all the bad things that previously filled your mind.

When you are in action, you are moving toward the results you desire.  When you are in action, you are taking small steps one at a time to achieve what may appear to be small results.    And so it follows that one step leads to another for as long as it takes to achieve the goal. One day you look around and you have accomplished it.

What small action could you take today that would set the dominoes falling toward your dream project?  It doesn’t have to be huge.  Ask yourself: what simple task needs to happen for a chain of events to unfold?  Do you need to mail an application?  Do some research before you meet someone?  Or understand one small task in setting up a website?

Once you have an idea, just start.  Just begin, and keep taking those baby steps every day.

May you take action today!

To Your Success,


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