Do You Choose Disaster or Prosperity?

I got so excited this week that I have to tell you! I may not know what your dreams are, but one of mine is coming true. Prior to giving talks during online events and prior to having my podcast or writing blogs, I had a goal to write a book. It did not happen overnight, however, I published “Rainbows Over Ruins.”


The story was inspired after a landslide destroyed my home. My husband Peter and I found every aspect of our lives altered. We faced the physical realities of displacement, the emotional grief for what had been lost and the mental challenge of finding new solutions. As I focused on rebuilding, I learned that there is a powerful healing system centered on the power of the mind, the art of thinking. So when I wrote the book, I described my journey to master this system and find opportunity in the midst of crisis.

The book is more than a story about rebuilding after a landslide (which is what we did). It is also an opportunity to share the positive self-talk process with others so that they can rebuild after disaster and do more than survive.  They can learn to surpass their expectations.

I wanted to provide a guidebook that leads to practical results. Throughout the book, readers discover how to get desired results and improve their lives by asking the right questions and making conscious choices to achieve their goals.   The key to successful results is entwined with building a cohesive relationship between our conscious and subconscious minds.

I’m very grateful that my readers sometimes tell me how they keep “Rainbows Over Ruins” next to their reading space and pick it up whenever they need to get through a problem or to catch a bit of inspiration.

One aspect of my personal life philosophy is that sometimes we have to release our driven action in order to keep our vision in sight. We have to release control in order to trust that the universe will resonate with our dream and make it a reality without having to bang our head against the wall. And as the New Year came, I was making a point to visualize and resonate with my intention and then let go of the compulsion to control the outcome.

So what happened this week? I awoke to learn that Hay House, the inspirational publishing company, chose “Rainbows Over Ruins” for inclusion in their Hay House Online Catalog. To be noticed by them is really huge to me and I am thrilled. Part of my vision is to work directly with Hay House and this means that I am one step closer. I can breathe the “rarified air.” Even better, their choice was entirely outside my conscious quest to be included. That’s the beauty of trust. That’s serendipity.

I’m celebrating. Thanks to Hay House, you may now find “Rainbows Over Ruins” online at Hay House Online Catalog, and Balboa Press.

Here’s a thought for today — Whatever your dreams, remember: Live life and feel the way you want to feel right now – not in the distant future. Feel the essence of what you are creating now. You want to hold the feeling with the vision and trust the process.

To Your Success,


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