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As many of you know, almost exactly 10 years ago, Peter and I moved onto our lovely ranch here in Agua Dulce.  We had spent the previous year and a  half getting back on our feet after a landslide destroyed our home.  We could not have felt more blessed as we took possession of our new home.

During the ensuing years a great deal happened.  I felt motivated to share how it is possible to rebuild your life after a disaster and how certain tools and techniques can be cultivatedto make it possible.  I studied to become a life coach (Sharon Wilson), a LifeSuccess Consultant (Bob Proctor), an Afformer and Power Habits Coach (Noah St. John), to mention just a few.   I captured the journey in my book, “Rainbows Over Ruins” with a foreword by Noah St. John.  It is published through Balboa Press, a division of Hay House and available through Amazon.com.


Publishing opens a whole new world of activities into your life – editors, graphics artists, and how to promote and market your book.   Noah has been a fabulous mentor to me, laying out my first vision of how one could build one’s platform, the place where people know to find you.  Without a platform, people will never hear the message you are trying to share as an author.

So I set out to build a platform.  Working with D’vorah Lansky of reachmorereaders.com, I learned to blog, participate in virtual blog tours, create podcasts, participate in virtual podcast tours, and speak online.  And all that time, I was focused on creating a course that would take what I shared from my personal journey to rebuild after the landslide and turn it into an executable action plan to help others do it too, no matter their disaster.  In the past few months, this has consumed my writing time.


I’m excited to let you know that the content for the course is now complete, and once again I am learning how to put it into the chosen delivery format, make others aware of it and set up an automated system for people to order and participate in the experience.  I don’t have a launch date yet, but I will share it when the time is right.

If you’d like to participate in the launch, I invite you to become an ambassador, working with me through the beta version of the course.  You may contact me at susan@susansherayko.com to express your interest.  I’m looking forward to seeing what improvements you can bring into your life as we blast off.

To Your Success,


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