Heading to Canada to be Awakened

I have been having the most wonderful time on my blog tour.  It was really hard to tear myself away from the gardeners at Edenmakerblog.com.  They were so open and friendly and through our interchanges I received as good as I gave.  That is truly the joy of this journey.

Today, I have the distinct honor to be traveling to Alberta, Canada to visit with Helena Kalivoda.  Helena has some very special gifts that she shares with the world through her own books.  She is a Gold & Bronze Global eBook Awards medalist, and USA Best Books Finalist so I feel very honored to share a guest post on her blog.  I hope that my writings will offer some measure of the inspirational messages that support her readers.  Her books are based on the universal laws and principles she has been receiving from Spirit for over fifteen years.  Please join me now on my today’s exchange:  http://wp.me/s4vbXX-3551

By the way, I will be interviewing Helena here in a few weeks and you will get to know this beautiful person a little better.

To Your Success,


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