Living Vision Gardens – The Focus of Helen Sherry, Ph.D.

Often when we set forth what we desire, we strictly define the ways in which we expect to receive them. In so doing, we may overlook the manner in which the gift actually appears to us.

Helen Sherry

Vision boards have meaning for him as his mother is deeply involved with vision boards or, in her case, vision gardens, in her work as a psychotherapist. To give you her background, Helen is a gifted intuitive and creator of Living Dream Gardens. She has studied sand painting, Jungian psychology with its emphasis on archetypes and consciousness, and Native American traditions as part of her work. It is especially valuable for young children who have suddenly lost a parent. She is also the author of children’s books and stories, including Always and Forever: Angel’s Ladybugs, a picture book and iPad interactive app that helps a young child who has lost a parent to war.

What is different about Helen’s work is that she helps others create Living Vision Gardens in which a 3-dimensional format instead of the 2-dimensional one that people hang on their walls. She synergistically blends Native American wisdom and medicine animals, deity figurines, crystals and symbols with life-giving succulents to create personalized works of art that provide healing and help people manifest their dreams. Each individual chooses the elements that have meaning to them as they fill out the garden spaces.

Medicine Wheel Vision Garden

What is of added value to me in these 3-D representations is that they are one step closer to physical manifestation than the 2-D versions. It is as if we have a miniature reality of our goals and dreams before us. We find we are living the feelings connected to the symbols we have chosen. If these symbols conjure positive feelings of appreciation, joy and well-being (perhaps even a sense of fun), then we resonate with the images and our subconscious mind seeks to bring us something similar in ever greater abundance.

Helen herself finds these gardens to be very healing. As she describes in her contribution to Pebbles in the Pond, she found herself suffering extremely painful physical symptoms due to her habitual over-giving to others. As she worked with Living Vision Gardens, the pain subsided and she was able to change a behavior that had followed her from her childhood.

As I was preparing for the podcast, I found myself collecting treasures from around the house to put into my own 3D version. I’m sure you would enjoy going through this process as well.

Thus, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to visit with Helen Sherry during my podcast with her. We had a lovely visit, sharing thoughts and experiences connected to vision boards and I believe you will find her as warm and charming as I do. You can also visit her website, to get to know her better or to order a copy of Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time..Wave Four.

My podcast on Rebuilding Your Life: Moving from Disaster to Prosperity is available now on iTunes and Stitcher or follow the link: Helen has offered us a special guided visualization to prepare for creating our own gardens on the podcast so be sure to learn how to claim your FREE link instructions.

I hope you’ll enjoy playing with your subconscious mind after the call.

To Your Success,


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