I know the title to this post looks a bit odd.  It’s actually the title of a book written by Dr. Randall Bell.  I had the pleasure to meet and speak with him after he appeared on Home and Family – the show airs on Monday.    I was in my office listening to the show feed when Dr. Bell began his segment.  I had to stop and listen.

He was speaking about why some people become perpetual victims after a disaster, while some survive and others go on to thrive.  As he talked, I heard his words echo those I had written in Rainbows Over Ruins.   It felt as it Dr. Bell was talking about me!  I just had to go meet him after the show.

If you don’t know, my book is a personal journey through such a disaster experience, while Dr. Bell’s is an explanation of the rich habits that accompany the phenomena of what he calls “post traumatic thriving.”  He interviewed and studied the experiences of thousands of people to arrive at his presentation of these four cornerstones of success:

  1. Me – our personal growth in knowledge and wisdom

  2. We – our developing relationships with positive people

  3. Do – our actions and level of productivity

  4. Be – our continual journey on the path to becoming

Me/We/Do/Be is available in bookstores now.  If you are looking for suggestions on how to get past a disaster that’s affecting your life, or in the midst of building a dream project so you can go on to thrive, Dr. Bell presents some very practical ideas.  Take action on them  and you may find yourself thriving soon.

I believe in you.

To Your Success,


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