So Many Faced with Rebuilding Right Now

Twelve years ago, Peter and I were faced with rebuilding our lives after a mudslide swept through our homes after an extensive period of rain.  Six months later, I watched as Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and I wept.  By then, I knew the challenge of starting anew.  It took 18 months to recover, but we did it.   We went on to find a lovely ranch overlooking a valley, enhance our careers and feel good about our lives.

Yet last week, a huge wildfire swept through our old neighborhood of La Tuna Canyon.  As soon as it was safe, we went back to see old neighbors and survey the damage.  All these years later, it made me sad to see the barren land, with only a few structural elements to show that anyone had ever lived there.  And on this day, the land was blackened by evidence of fire sweeping through the canyon.  For whatever reason, we become tied to the soil we inhabit and I hated to see it so lonely.

I cannot help thinking about all the people who are going through this now.  The news has been filled with Hurricane Harvey, the La Tuna fire, an 8.1 magnitude quake in Chiapas.  Today, we wait to hear how much damage Hurricane Irma will deliver.  It is a scary, uncertain time for everyone in the midst of it.

That’s why I’m writing today.  I’ve been writing and speaking on rebuilding after disasters ever since we went through it.  I want to help people get through the worst, get past what happens and start moving forward again.  Although my book “Rainbows Over Ruins” is for sale online through Amazon, most of my thoughts are given for free.  There is Your Survivor’s Guide: 12 Tips to Gain Inner Peace and, perhaps most apropos for the moment, a podcast series:  Rebuilding Your Life: Moving From Disaster to Prosperity.  These episodes take you from the moment when you’re packing to escape to those magical moments when you are ready to put it behind you and move toward a new future.  Once you are ready, I’ve created a course, Manifest Your Dreams, as a road map to identify and achieve the new goals that emerge after a significant loss.

The best news I can share is that you can do it.  You can recover and build a bigger and better life.

If you are in need, please check out the podcast, or if you have friends and family who are going through this right now, please share a link with them:


Whatever the circumstances for you and your loved ones, you can get through this.  Join hands with other in community and you will find a mutual support system.  Keep your eye on the future and your feet moving through the next step.  The Quakers have another suggestion: Pray and move your feet.   My prayers are with you.  You can do this.

I believe in you,


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