Success is the result of a series of small steps taken – including You Tube videos

Today I took another huge personal step.  I recorded my first You Tube video.  Noah St. John  recommended doing it when I first worked with him, however, it’s been one of the those things I kept finding reasons to avoid.

Perhaps it’s because I work in television.  Everything is so perfect there.  We have crews of people scurrying about to ensure that everyone looks their absolute best. Lights, cameras, audio, hair and makeup, wardrobe, directors, producers and others come together to make recorded life better than real life.  For me, none of that is present when recording at home. What you see is what you get.

And even worse, I have no idea how to work the equipment.  Thus there is a disclaimer:  This video was made by a rank amateur.  Watch at your own risk.:)  The recording was  done with the computer’s internal camera and the voice recording app that come with Windows 10.  A few earlier versions were tossed, especially when it became obvious that audio was not recording onto the video.   There must be a better way to do it than sitting with a large microphone ball in your lap.

Still, Jeff Walker has been doing this awesome 30 days of videos to celebrate his 20th anniversary in online business.  He is so natural and comfortable. Not flashy or slick at all.  It’s inspired me to at least make the effort. Nothing ventured.  Nothing gained.

So here it is: You Tube Video number 1   Please be kind.

To Your Success,


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