Taking Notice of Your Inner Advice More Quickly

Today, I am laughing at myself.  You see, I just realized that I have spent months developing tools and techniques, visualizing, planning and taking action toward my goals, yet missed something that was right in front of my face.

In “Rainbows Over Ruins,” I told you my story, however, I want you to be able to do this for yourself.  This has translated into the development of a social media platform where you can find me and content for a course on these topics.

Note that I instruct others to develop a strong relationship with their Higher Self, call it your subconscious mind is you wish.  This relationship can be an important factor in achieving goals.  That’s where the humor comes in.  I am not always listening to my own inner voice.  I think I am listening and taking action when I receive an impetus to do something, however, often I just file the ideas away for future reference.

Here’s an example:  In “Rainbows Over Ruins,” I describe my desire to build a center where people can develop these skills, work with others, and incubate their dreams into realization.  Over the past few months, the sense that I should begin to focus on this center has grown ever stronger.  I often suggest students should ask themselves a question – What can I do today to feel the way I want to feel when I have or achieve my dream?  Asking myself that question, the answer that has come up to volunteer at a similar venue to my dream site.  I’ve been searching for one.

The humor in this is that this week I realized that the Universe has been pointing me to a place for months.  I drive past it on the way to work most mornings.  A colleague, John Charney, discussed it with me a few months ago.  And I kept saying to myself, “I’ll get over there.  I’ll introduce myself”  Then John scheduled a workshop at the very same facility on vision boards (which you may be aware are one of my passions). Of course I went, both to support John and because I love playing with vision boards.  The results: (i) a new, smaller board for my home office, (ii) a visit to the center, (iii) painlessly meeting the very person on my list of people to contact, and (iv) seeing that the facility has several components of my dream center.  This may very well be an ideal place to actively pursue volunteer work.  Additionally, a new afformation is being added to my routine:  Why am I listening responsively to inner suggestions I may receive?

I wonder, what inner nudges are you receiving that you are just not taking the time to investigate?  Today is a perfect day to explore possible answers that may move your dream projects one step closer.  Let down your resistance; let go of the compulsion to know and control everything – and see what happens.  It’s just one step after all, not a lifelong commitment.

May you find joy in the discovery of what your Higher Self is suggesting for you.

To Your Success,


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