The 30-Day Podcasting Challenge

Do you like to try new things? Have you got a message you’ve wanted to send out to the world, but don’t know how? I’d like to invite you to join me as part of a group of folks who are going to spend the next 30 days learning how to do podcasts. Podcasts are empowering. So many people have access to them at the time and place of their choosing – the car, their headsets while out on a run, in bed.

Most of you probably don’t remember when I started a little show on BlogTalkRadio. It’s archived there, but I rarely do those shows any more. Time issues, technological restrictions and where people could listen, all got in the way.

So several weeks ago, I listened to a discussion about podcasts. It intrigued me. Another good friend, Reko, was very enthusiastic about listening to them. He enjoyed sharing links to them with me.

So when D’vorah Lansky told me that she was going to do a 30-Day Podcasting Challenge, I was primed to get involved. (By the way, if you followed my Blog Tour earlier this year, D’vorah is the person who shared how to make that happen. She’s a whiz at teaching the nuts and bolts of technology and so much more that benefits authors.)

You may want to take advantage of this opportunity. You may enjoy it too. If you think you would, please follow the link:

Maybe we’ll get to work together on something!

To Your Success,


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