Thoughts on the Power of Positive Self-talk

When I first studied the power of the mind, Bob Proctor taught that it was essential that we eliminate “paradigms” that stopped us.  Paradigms are negative thought habits.  Unfortunately, it took some time to find a technique that worked for me.  My ‘aha’ moments came when I first discovered Noah St. John.  His teachings on Afformations literally turned my life around rapidly.  Afformations are positive why questions.

There are other teachers who share the impact of positive self-talk which is based on the law of repetition.  Shad Helmstetter is well-known for his work on the subject.  So today, I thought you might enjoy listening to him talk about the power of positive self-talk .

Working with techniques like these help you get into the right mindset to change circumstances in your life and start to manifest your dreams.  To explore these more deeply, my new course is now available at CourseCraft.



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