Imagine – Doorways open.  Your mission unfolds.  Daily results inspire you to persist until you claim your desire.  What an accomplishment!  You have taken an idea and made it real.  You have created something out of thin air. 

My goal is to show you the simple steps that enable you to do this. 

If you are looking for a step by step process to get you on the right track to achieve your goals and live to your full, inspired potential, Manifesting Your Dreams.“Manifesting Your Dream: A Roadmap to Identify and Achieve Your Goals” has been created to teach you how to bring your dreams into reality.  It introduces underlying success principles that were guarded for a select few in ancient times.  Today they are available to those who are willing to learn and apply these principles. 

Many people are not aware that there are tools and techniques you can use to achieve consistent, positive results when you set out to pursue something new in your life.  This course is designed to introduce you to these processes and facilitate the creation of your dream projects.  The key to consciously create what we desire centers on a combination of an outer progression of actions coupled with inner work using the power of the mind and its eternal link through the subconscious (or non-conscious) to Quantum Consciousness where all things are possible.  These transformative principles are an important part of improving one’s life, finding joy and well-being in daily existence, and achieving one’s dreams. 

What is its purpose?

Course Summary

What should participants be able to do when they complete the course

Manifesting Your Dreams focuses on conveying the progressive system that is the foundation for all success.  Step by step, the course lays out the roadmap that takes us from identifying our personal passion and purpose, through the process that ultimately enables us to achieve our goals.  The materials can be applied whether you need to overcome negative circumstances, have a strong purpose and desire to succeed or want to be prepared to handle whatever comes your way so you can enjoy everyday life.   

Listen to each training module first, do the action exercises during the week and join the Wednesday group call to ask questions and discuss your experience and participate in our online client forum and community.  The program is designed so you can go at your own pace.  There is no such thing as being “behind.” 

Have a working understanding of the steps involved in consciously manifesting what they want.



​Develop an inner connection to the subconscious mind as a source of inspiration, problem-solving and guidance

Develop an awareness of what they want and how to visualize it.

Develop a beginning plan to achieve it.

Develop a daily action plan to move toward their goal.

Take action to “work” your plan and persist until you successfully manifest what you want

Learn how to review results and adjust them if they are not what you wanted.

Identify what is stopping you.

Know tools to use daily, (i.e., affirmations, Afformations, visualizations, power questions, prayer and meditation, journaling, vision boards, circles when you encounter obstacles.

Know what you can do when and if you get stuck.

Put it all together in systems to create a daily launch routine and habits that generate momentum and mastery. 

Learn the importance of persistence to nurture and incubate a vision even when you do not see immediate results. 

Know how the aspects of mind express in life as Inner Work and Outer Work

Know the aspects of mind – conscious and subconscious

Manifesting Your Dream


"Roadmap with 8 Modules"


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